The Urban Theater

Mariana Rivera

Degree(s): B Arch, Architecture, Pontificad Universidad

This project is located in New York City's Times Square, an active area where energy flows and pedestrians are continuously moving. This movement continues into the Urban Theater, where tourists journey around while seeing theater. The boundary between outside and inside is blurred through the use of transparent materials, and by creating "public" spaces and an interior “street” that also connects with the city. The user isn't sure if he is inside or outside.

        The Urban Theater provides “theater cubes”—spaces where buskers (street performers) can feel comfortable performing, without the danger of rejection or restrictions that can apply on an open sidewalk. In these comfortable spaces, performances are celebrated, but without eliminating the feeling of the "street." It is a world where buskers are noticed and respected for what they do.

          Along the “street” that connects the plaza and the building there is vegetation and urban seating to resemble the outdoor space. This interior street rises from the plaza level to the fifth floor, ending in a park, where the user is surrounded by vegetation, which is a very unusual experience in Times Square. The program also includes a café, a library, a store, and private areas with basic services to facilitate the life of the performer.

          Faculty for the project:Kevin Estrada