Cycling Club

Cristina Oteiza

Degree(s): BBA, Marketing and Minor Psychology, Southern Methodist Univeristy

The Cycling Club is a place where road cyclists meet before and after their rides, to build a community and hang out among equally enthusiastic cyclists. Members of the club can also participate in the club’s organized rides.

        The program is divided into three parts: The Community, a café with an espresso bar, juice bar, pastries, deli, along with TV screens for watching races and competitions; a retail space for selling official club gear (kits, t-shirts, water bottles, etc.) and other products that enhance performance; and a service area for repair, maintenance and fitting services, where customers and members can also receive unbiased mechanical advice.

          For cyclists, road cycling is not about the bike, but feeling the speed and wind on their faces, knowing it was created by their own force and power, not a machine. This appreciation of speed and motion, along with a study of aerodynamics and wind tunnels for cycling, inspired the idea of a light tunnel that simulates a sense of traveling in high speed. This tunnel would be an entrance point for cyclists, and would be visible from the rest of the store. Cyclists can enter the club on their bikes through the tunnel and park in the basement, then go upstairs and meet with the community, have a coffee and buy products. The Cycling Club can also be entered through the front door directly to the café area.

          Faculty for the project:Blake Goble