Detroit Community Kitchen

Alexis Blood

Degree(s): BA, Art History, Georgetown University

Henry’s is a farm-to-table teaching kitchen and restaurant located in the 1924 CPA Building in downtown Detroit's Corktown area. Corktown is the city's oldest neighborhood, as well as an up-and-coming area for new businesses. This community kitchen’s objective is to use food as a way of enhancing health, education, and life in the community in which it is located.

        Henry’s aims to encourage the community to appreciate the unique social and historical context of the city of Detroit. In keeping with the city’s automotive history, Henry’s is based on the concept of the assembly line. The assembly line dictates the location and progression for all of the activities occurring in the community kitchen, where local residents learn about growing and preparing fresh produce. They farm the restaurant's produce and create dishes made from the farm-grown ingredients.

          In keeping with the community kitchen’s commitment to sustainability and restoration, all building materials used in the project are sourced from the existing site or obtained from local scrap yards. An inner structure of recycled concrete contained in a rebar grid forms the spine from which all activities on the assembly line occur. Walls throughout much of the space are also constructed with recycled concrete and rebar, with large windows providing expansive views of the surrounding area. Other materials include reclaimed marble and wood.

          Faculty for the project:Bren Galvez-Moretti