Rain Stop

Saumya Monga


Degree(s): BA, Sociology, University of Delhi

The Rain Stop is a located in Manhattan's Meatpacking district under the High Line, an elevated park that runs through the district. The store primarily sells high-fashion water-resistant products for urban dwellers—both New Yorkers and tourists. Keeping these products in mind the goal for the design of the space, a moist and foggy atmosphere was created to invigorate the sensation of an approaching rainfall.

        Taking advantage of the double story height of the space we used monochromatic gradients, steel cable screens and lighting to achieve this atmosphere. The steel cable screens that run floor to ceiling along the display units, staircase and a "rain simulation" room create a moiré effect. Structurally, this project incorporates two shipping containers in its design. They are stacked and cut up to create the rain simulation room and as display units.

          The rain simulation room allows customers to experience how they would look and feel while wearing the store's products. The simulation area also encourages customers to become performers, as a live video feed of the space is projected onto the High Line and the store's façade. And so the rain simulator serves multiple purposes: it provides customers with a physical experience of the product; it incorporates a performative characteristic into the store experience; and the live video acts as an attraction to passersby.

          Faculty for the project:Justin Huxol