Live House /Work House

Hinako Nakagawa

Degree(s): BA, Scenography Design, Musashino University

This is a large loft space in New York City. It is designed to be a work space, as well as a home for two very different creative personalities. One, a fashion designer, is a 30-year-old Japanese woman who is an extrovert. The other, a man who is 35, is a New Yorker, a textile designer and an introvert. The work place accommodates the residents and their three employees, a pattern-maker, a tailor and an assistant.

        The finishes in the overall loft space are chevron-patterned concrete floors and white painted concrete walls. The entire east wall is made up of shelves with sliding smoked-glass doors that are used for fabric storage and to display the work of the textile designer.

          For the living spaces, two structures are built within the loft space, each resembling a traditional pitched-roof house. The larger structure, painted red, is for the extroverted fashion designer. The smaller structure, painted dark gray with accents of dark wood, is for the introverted textile designer.

          Faculty for the project:Florencia Vetcher